Muslims are instructed by their religion to treat their fellow human beings in a kind, caring and just manner. In this section, the tutor will make a presentation about the themes of family and society in Islam. Some of the topics which will be covered are:
The Family
Islam teaches that families are the building block upon which any society is built. Muslims are required to respect their parents and by extension, their elders.
The tutor will explain that Muslims are also encouraged to love and nurture the young. This socially responsible attitude is best summed by a saying of the Prophet Muhammad: "He who does not have respect for the elders and mercy for the young, he is not one of us."
Islam teaches people to be good neighbours, to be a benefit and not a hindrance to those who are around us. This goodwill is best epitomised by the following explanation, given by the Prophet:


"Do you know what your neighbour's rights are?
Help him if he seeks help,
Show him concern if he is distressed,
Nurse him when he is ill,
Attend his funeral if he dies,
Congratulate him if he meets good,
Sympathise with him if some calamity befalls him."
The Brotherhood of Man
"O Mankind! We created you from a singe pair, a male and a female, and We made you into nations and tribes so that you may recognise one another."
The Holy Qur'an 49:13
This verse of Islam's holy book is one which encourages the idea that mankind is one big, family. Because Muslims believe that all of mankind descended from Adam and Eve, the presenter will explain that this brotherhood lies at the centre of Islamic teachings.